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Children should be taught how to use money wisely from the time they are old enough to understand what money is. It is a shame that basic money management is not taught as a mandatory course in every school in the world, because it is the wise – or unwise – use of our money that will influence a great deal of our lives and what we do with them. We live in a system that makes money literally the most important thing, and yet we do not teach people how to manage money. The result of that is a lot of hardship for a lot of people.

Teaching your child how to manage money often begins with getting them a bank account and allowing them to put money in it on a regular basis, and to take money out for specified purposes as well. Many people believe that age ten is the earliest that a child should have a bank account, as they are too young to understand the concept well until then.

When you feel it is time for your child’s first bank account, then you will need to take them to the bank to open the account. Your child will probably need two pieces of identification in order to have the account in their own name, but if you do not have two pieces of ID for your child, you can get around it by putting the account in your name until the child has the required identification.

For most purposes, a child will do well with a simple savings account, since you will want to monitor their deposits and withdrawals for the first few years. An account that provides a debit card is probably not the best choice for a child, because children are impulsive, and they may very well spend the entirety of the balance in the first store they enter. This may teach them a valuable lesson, but it will also empty their bank account.

Teaching a child good money management practices will help them throughout their lives, and a beginner’s bank account is a good way to begin the teaching.

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