creditcard2The purpose of the credit card gift card is to give the recipient a choice.  It does not limit them to one store, or one gift.  These cards can also be purchased by those who do not have conventional credit cards to make a purchase that cannot be paid for with cash or debit.  They are convenient, albeit expensive in some cases.  Most brands of gift cards charge a fee when they are purchased, and some charge a monthly fee if the card remains inactive for a certain length of time.  There may be activation fees, usage fees, maintenance fees, replacement fees and expensive exchange rates for foreign currency.  A gift card originally worth $100 can be whittled away surprisingly quickly, leaving the holder with a lot less money than the numbers on the card would seem to indicate.  It is always a good idea to research which card has the lowest fees before you make your purchase.

Some gift cards must be registered before you can use them, and others can simply be activated at the till at the time of purchase.  Those that require registration ask for your personal information and, as always, a password.  Creating this registration, however, allows you to check the balance remaining on your card online.

When you have a gift card, it is a good idea to use it promptly, since they all have expiry dates.  The expiry date doesn’t always mean that you lose the remaining balance, but it can be a lot of work to have that balance transferred to a new card.  Also, if the card remains inactive for too long, the issuer may begin to charge you a fee for not using it.  This fee is typically about $5 a month, so your card balance can disappear fairly quickly while you think you are saving that money for a rainy day.

Gift cards are widely accepted, but not universally as of yet.  There are still some retailers and online shops where they are not accepted, although they are becoming fewer.  At this time, a credit card gift card can buy almost anything you need it to

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