There are dozens of different credit cards that will earn you points at various retailers or travel points or reward points of some type.  It is therefore unfortunate that nearly half of the people who use these cards are not well versed in how to actually get the rewards that the card promises.  In general, the basic credit card contract that you sign should be the real reason you chose to get that card, with the rewards points only a minor consideration.  This is because the rewards are most often far less spectacular than the advertisements would suggest, and are much more complicated to redeem.creditcard3

Some cards only allow you to earn a certain number of points each year, and the terms and conditions are usually “subject to change without notice” as well.  With some cards, your points are all forfeited if you are late with a payment, or miss a payment altogether.  There are cards where you must sign up for each week’s or month’s bonus deal before you are eligible to receive it, and if you don’t sign up on time you lose your eligibility.  Still other cards demand that you spend a certain amount every month before you are awarded any points.  The terms and conditions of these points cards can be confusing and annoying, and the rewards that you were led to believe would be yours very seldom live up to the hype.

You will usually be required to sign up for the points program online, and will need to provide your personal information and a password.  Then you will need to carefully read the information provided so that you understand how the program works and what you will need to do in order to receive your reward points.  You should check your points balance regularly, and check the site for bonus offers or changes to the program.  You may end up getting rewards that you enjoy, and that are worth earning, but you won’t get them without making an effort.


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